How To Install A WordPress Blog

Search engine rank optimization is an important skill to have. Knowing how to rank high in the search engines will boost your traffic and, in turn, your sales. And best of all, it’s 100% free!

Also, don’t try to rank for keywords that are too vague, e.g. ‘real estate’ (also way too competitive). Target specific keywords relevant to what you’re selling, e.g. ‘los angeles commercial real estate’.

Zero startup cost for vendor. This is another reason why Paydotcom is a risk-free way to handle payments and affiliates. Unlike Clickbank and 2Checkout where the vendor need to pay $49.00 for start, this fee is not required for Paydotcom.

For example you could use computer as a keyword which is very general and you would attract a large audience. But if you use Dell 564 laptop computer you will attract people that are specifically looking for information on that particular computer. If your article is about that Dell 564 laptop computer then you have a targeted audience.

I am not a technical guy in any way shape or form really, but I managed to set up my own Klicka vidare till sidan and although it could maybe have more pretty graphics or flashing banners everywhere I prefer to keep it to having great content and knowledge that people can take away and use to improve themselves. This way I am not selling but giving. When you back off a bit and just use your know-how to do the talking you don’t need to be pushy.

3) Another really important factor of your online business, is Link Building. To get a page ranked well in the search engines, you’ll need to get quality backlinks. According to the search engines, a page with more backlinks is better liked, and thus it gets ranked higher.

But if paid advertising isn’t for you, there are many free marketing options that you have at your disposal. The difference between paid and free advertising is that with paid advertising, you see a lot of traffic immediately. With free advertising online, it takes quite a while to build up a lot of consistent traffic – but once it’s done, it’ll get traffic for the rest of your website’s life.

A really innovative use does not involve making money but it is a great way to keep your team ‘on the same page’. Each area can have its own level – bookkeeper, web people, va, etc. You only need to go to one place to add their content and it helps keep your business organized.

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